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NEH/USAIN Project Manual

The ENDNOTEdb_dictionary.doc describes how the EndNote import filter (WorldCat
(OCLC) for NEH.enf) maps the downloaded WorldCat records to the EndNote
database's generic reference type fields.
NEH-USAIN Endnote Database Data Dictionary

The NEH_citation.ens is the preliminary bibliographic style file
forprinting the bibliography. It should be copied into the styles folder
(C:\Program Files\EndNote\Styles) for those who want to use it.
(See Chapter 16, p.380 of EndNote manual)
NEH Citation Style for End Note

The searches_imported.xls is a printout for participants to record
WorldCat searches.
Searches Saved in Excel

The WorldCat (OCLC) for NEH.enf file is the EndNote import filter and should
be copied into the filter folder (C:\Program Files\EndNote\Filters) in order to
be used. (See Chapter 17, p.432 of EndNote manual)
WorldCat for NEH


Support Documents for Bibliographic Identification
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