Project Publicity


Cornell Press

Press Release 3/2006
Press Release 6/2004
Press Release 1/2003
Press Release 2/2001
Press Release 4/2000
Press Release 6/1998

National Publicity

Preservation and Access Awards Announcement 2/2006

State Publicity

University of Illinois

UIUC News Bureau 7/2004SeedQuest 7/2004

North Carolina State University

NCSU Libraries Focus Online Winter 2003

Ohio State University

OSU Extension 2/2003OARDC News 2/2003

Auburn University

Alabama Review 4/2001Auburn University News 12/1996

University of Arizona

Press Release 6/1998

New Mexico State University

NMSU Library Press Release

University of Kentucky

Off the Shelf 11/2006 (p.3)University of Kentucky News 11/2006
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