Sample Recruiting Letter

To recruit people you can use email or regular mail. Here’s a sample message:

Dear Dr. Smith,

Dr. Jones suggested I contact you about a project I am working on at Mann Library to identify and preserve core historical tests in agriculture and rural life for the state of New York. We are completing a list of monographs and serials covering all aspects of our state’s agriculture and rural life.

As you know, this literature is historically very valuable but has often been marginalized and neglected, and, since much of it is printed on acidic paper, it is at high risk for deterioration. We will be selecting the most important material for preservation microfilming.

We are now seeking specialists who would be willing to review the bibliography in order to identify titles most worthy of preservation. We would be delighted and very grateful if you would be willing to contribute to this project.

John Johnson, Ph. D.
Bibliographer, Historical Literature of Agriculture and Rural Life
Albert R. Mann Library
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
607-255-0318 (fax)

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