A yearly report is due from Cornell to the NEH regarding the work of the past year as well as a financial statement which will be completed by this office.  We have your earlier, detailed reports which we will use in reporting as well as the discussions with most of you ten days ago in Berkeley.  We found that meeting very worthwhile and hope that you did also.  Thank you for your attendance as well as your intelligent comments and recommendations.

For this fourth quarter report please:

1. Complete/update information requested in previous report.  Consult my memorandum of March 10 detailing requirements for nine-month (third quarter) report, and be sure to provide complete information on any of the questions/topics which were not fully addressed in that report.

2. Included in the above is completion of the accompanying table requesting number of titles/volumes by category, ranking results, and number of titles previously filmed.  Provide with final figures in all categories.

3. Conduct some analysis on the results of your scholarly review to get a sense of the extent of agreement/disagreement among the scholars in their ranking of titles.  Compilation of data on a sample will be adequate.

4. For those that are now filming, we would like a statement of titles and volumes you have prepared as of June 30, as well as the numbers of titles and volumes gone to the filmer and returned by that date.

Nothing else is needed of our one year report.  May we please have your response by July 16!

Within the next three months we also want a copy of your final bibliography with the rating on a printed copy.  Please save a machine readable copy for mounting on a WWW server in the future.

Examples of Reports from Participating States

North Dakota State University Quarterly Report
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Colorado State University Final Report
Michigan State University Final Report
Ohio State University Final Report, Phase IV

Support Documents for Bibliographic Identification
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