Preserving the Published Heritage of a States Agriculture, Rural Economy and Society; 1850-1945
For the purpose of developing an estimate of the materials to be preserved, each state estimated the universe of publications that constitute the published historical record of agriculture and its fundamental relationship to the state's landscape, natural resources, rural society, and economy between 1820-1945. Earlier imprints were excluded from consideration as nearly all are included in the Evans and the Shaw and Shoemaker bibliographies and because as part of the national plan, the National Agriculture Library has assumed preservation responsibility for early imprints. Later imprints were considered out-of-scope at this time. Land grant and experiment station publications previously filmed as part of the NAL-sponsored cooperative microfilming project are excluded from this project.

The definition of rural society that will be covered by the project can be characterized by Dr. Albert R. Mann's definition: "the study of associated or group activities of the people who live in the country viewed from the standpoint of the effect of these activities on the character of the farm people themselves." Also included is the effect of outside influences (e.g., advertising, technology, war, immigration) on the activities and character of rural people and communities. Broad subject areas include the following:

Rural society: family farming; the farm home and family; forestry and its industries; rural communities; standards of living in rural communities; rural organizations (agricultural societies, Grange, Farm and Home bureau, 4-H, church and improvement societies); rural political organizations and movements; farm demographics; rural communications and radio programming; centralization/consolidation of schools; nature study movement; country life movement; rural play and recreation activities; county and local fairs; cooperative extension services; rural people's attitudes and opinions; rural leadership; selected mail order catalogs of interest to farm families; women in farm life and rural communities; immigrants and immigrant populations in rural societies; employment of migrant workers; Rural Free Delivery; automobiles and rural life; rural architecture; rural health and medical care; rural social services, welfare, and social security; rural art; rural water supply and waste water treatment; rural land use and planning.

Rural economy: agricultural and forestry economics; farm organization and management; production economics; food distribution; state food supply; statistical data; agricultural prices; marketing of agricultural and forestry products; state agricultural and food policies; cooperatives; agricultural finance; land economics and land use; land tenure; marketing of agricultural products; rural economy other than farm economy; food exports.

Technical agriculture: farming, food and nonfood agricultural and forestry products; major, minor, and experimental crops; agronomic techniques, including plant breeding; animal science; forestry; crop insects and diseases and their control; food science; agricultural engineering (farm equipment, farm structures, agricultural technology); rural transportation; natural resources pertaining to agriculture (soils, water, meteorology) and their conservation.

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