Grant Proposal Phase III

Grant Proposal - Phase III

Table of contents    (download .doc)


  1. Summary (download .doc)
  2. Significance of the Materials and the Need for Preservation and Access (download .doc)
  3. A National Consortial Preservation Program (download .doc)

    3.1 The Land-Grant University Mission
    3.2 A National Preservation Plan for Architecture
    3.3 Preserving State and Local Agriculture and Rural Life Literature

  4. Plan of Work and Project Goals (download .doc)

    4.1 Project Goals and Objectives
    4.2 Project Administration
        4.2.1 Project Co-ordination
        4.2.2 Project Management
        4.2.3 Project Financial Administration
        4.2.4 Project Timetable
    4.3 Bibliographic Analysis and Evaluation
        4.3.1  Defining the Scope of the Literature
        4.3.2  Compilation of the Bibliography for Each State
        4.3.3 Scholarly Evaluation and Ranking
        4.3.4  Priority Selection for Preservation
    4.4 Procedures and Standards
        4.4.1 Searching and Identification
        4.4.2 Physical Preparation
        4.4.3 Bibliographic Control
        4.4.4 Microfilming and Quality Assurance
        4.4.5 Access to Preserved Materials
        4.4.6 Storage of Master Negative Microfilms
        4.4.7 Estimated Titles and Volumes to be Preserved, Phase III

  5. Preservation Profiles and Project Staff (download .doc)

    5.1 Arkansas and the University of Arkansas
    5.2 Iowa and Iowa State University
    5.3 Kansas and Kansas State University
    5.4 Michigan and Michigan State University
    5.5 Minnesota and the University of Minnesota
    5.6 New Mexico and New Mexico State University
    5.7 North Carolina and North Carolina State University
    5.8 North Dakota and North Dakota State University

  6. Descriptions of the Collections (download .doc)

    6.1 Arkansas
    6.2 Iowa
    6.3 Kansas
    6.4 Michigan
    6.5 Minnesota
    6.6 New Mexico
    6.7 North Carolina
    6.8 North Dakota

Appendix A:   Vitas of Principle Project Staff

Appendix B:   Letters of Support

Appendix C:   Article from Library Resources and Technical Services, 1993

Appendix D:    Sample Participating Library Project Budget

Appendix E:    Letters of Intent


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